👋 Hello! I'm Kenice.

I'm a full stack developer building mobile and web apps. Learning is a passion of mine so I'm always looking forward to what's next. Outside of writing code, I enjoy a good read, listening to podcasts and audiobooks. 

Give my blog a read while you’re here. I post things about my life, my development stories and things that interest me. Are you part of a cause or non-profit? Get in touch! I love volunteering my time for a good cause.

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This tool allows you to generate secure passwords with varying lengths and allows the inclusion or exclusion of special characters, capital and common letters and numbers.

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Coding for a cause

I worked alongside the amazing team at ChildLine to resdesign and launch the their website. The website now features a livechat service, booking counseling sessions and much more.

 Addiitonaly, I partnered with ChildLine and UNICEF Eastern Caribbean to develop and launch the My ChildLine app on Android and iOS. It provides fast access to ChildLine’s services for children in need of support. The app is free and provides quick access to ChildLine's 24/7 Helpline, live chat and counselling services. A handful of classic games is also available and resources such as emergency services, welfare, police and more are also available. A private diary is available as well as a mood tracker. Children are also encouraged to learn about the UN Convention on the rights of the child right from the app.  The app also supports the migrant community with Spanish and French translations.

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I also partnered with ChildLine to launch their new online course platform which allows anyone to take courses from Mental Health & Awareness to Laws and Childrens' rights. Each short course also provide a certificate on successful completion. Learning is part of their digital strategy to educate and empower children, young persons and their families throughout Trinidad and Tobago to become proactive in the care and support of children.

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Find me on GitHub

I’ve worked on dozens of projects over the last few years and partnered with some cool companies and individuals. Most of my projects are hosted on GitHub and everyone can feel free to browse the public repositories, fork them or reach out. I try to develop openly as much as possible but like everything else, there are quite a few privately hosted repositories that I contribute to. If you think I can do something better, send me a message, I’m open to learning.

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