Programming challenge 2020: Learning Python

It’s a new year and this year, most of my development work has been focused on Angular, dotnet core and ionic or C#, Typescript (JavaScript) and the like. I’m building a skybox management system and mobile app and looking to work on a few personal projects that have taken the back seat from last year.

Python logo and wordmark.svg

I’ve noticed the steady rise of Python as a programming language of choice for lots of various things. Learning Python was something I dabbled with before but this last week, it has become somewhat of a task I am challenging myself to do. I am challenging myself to learn Python in the first few months of the year and or the Django stack for working with it as well.

print(“Hello World”)!

What the F*N+!??


Font’s are cool. They can make the difference between good work, great work and terrible design. In programming, recently, I’ve come to appreciate fonts that feature ligatures. What are ligatures you ask? It’s when two or more letters are joined together to form one character or glyph. In the case of programming, fonts that support programming ligatures are especially cool as in my opinion, they add a bit of personality to your code and makes reading it just that bit easier.

There are many fonts that support programming ligatures… some free and others paid. A popular free choice is Fira Code. I’ve been using Fira Code for about a year now but recently, Microsoft has released a new font Cascadia Code for free and Open Source.

For those new to programming ligatures, they turn double equals == into a single joined long equal and fat arrows => into an actual arrow. Snazzy huh? From the screenshot above you can see how it looks.


From the above image can you spot the ligatures? <=, != and == gets replaced. Why not give it a try. Download Cascadia Code or Fira Code and set it as your default font in your favourite IDE or code editor.

Ps: If you’re in need of a code editor, then Visual Studio Code should be your go to…. Seriously… it’s awesome.