The 2019 Dream Big Expo


Today, I took a break from coding and attended  the bmobile Dream Big Expo held at the Center of Excellence. It was great. There was a bit of something for everyone. From Virtual Reality, Gaming, Comics, sustainably developed solutions, it was a great event for networking. I won a game of Just dance, signed up for the Rotaract Saint Augustine club, participated in a Silent Party.

The Silent party was particularly amazing. We were provided with over the ear headsets and could freely roam around the expo listening to music or opt to sit in the movie lounge where BlockBuster movies such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Game of Thrones and The Devil wears Prada were shown.

The dance off was pretty cool. The game was powered by the Kinect and though my dance moves were a little rusty, I won !

I also meet several members of the Silver Lining Foundation team that I hadn’t met and that was exciting. They’re all amazing people.