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KAS Trivia gets colourful


A new update to KAS Trivia is available. It improves the UI a little bit in preparation of a larger feature update. The game now has a bit more colour with bright answer buttons and bolder fonts. Next on the agenda is adding category selection and difficulty selection as well as fine-tuning the start screen of the app.


Currently, the update is available on both the beta and production channels. The update should be rolling out in Google Play at present.

Rhema Bible beta released to Google Play


Whoo hoo! Today, a new update has been released for Rhema Bible which takes it to another level. Yesterday, I released an update which introduced better theming support which meant that dark theme worked way better than it did previously. Work was also done on daily bible verse notifications (still a work in progress).

Today’s update 2019.04.15.01 greatly improves on theming support and introduces the new app brand colours, fixes some bugs, tweaks the user interface a little bit and is the first release available on Google Play.

rhema-dark   rhema-light

Here’s what’s planned for the future:

  • eBook support
  • Audiobook support
  • Audio sermons (in collaboration with Temple of Deliverance Grenada)


KAS Trivia update


Today, I released a new update to KAS Trivia. This update should improve the overall flow of the game as well as start preparations for a bigger update that will add level of difficulty choices, category selection and levels.

This update primarily focuses on improving the user experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • General fixes and improvements
  • UI refinements including new fonts
  • Sound improvements
  • Push notifications

The game can be downloaded on the Google Play Store here

Doze beta published to Google Play Store

I am happy to announce that Doze Alarm & Calendar has been published to the Google Play Store as a public beta. About two weeks ago, I published the app to Google Play. Since the last article, I’ve made several improvements, bug fixes, added new features and more to Doze beta. The app is much more stable and features improvements such as weather information based on the user’s current location, “Nearby”, a new feature which allows users to discover places near their current location that may be of interest. This feature is powered by the Foursquare API and the ability to get walking and driving directions is planned sometime in the future. As the app nears full non beta release, the Doze feature that allows users to choose when they usually wake up everyday so the app will only wake them up on days that aren’t public holidays is being worked on.

Thanks to everyone whose helping test this app.

Get it on Google Play

Notifications, Thoughts, Alarms and other improvements 

Doze Alarm and Calendar has gotten a much needed update. We’ve added the ability to get notifications when the next and current day is a holiday so you always stay in the know. We also agreed the ability to create thoughts in  this update. You can add a photo and voice clip to your thought as well.

A bug in holidays list made the days reflect the year 1970 and has also been fixed in this update. Alarms should also work in this update but we need more test data to ensure it does.

Finally, we started testing the app to any one that wants to get it. We really need more feedback to make the app complete.

“Get Inspired”. Inspirational quotes added to Doze

Doze Alarm & Calendar received a fairly nice update today. We replaced the non inspiring greeting header texts with inspirational quotes. In this update, a random quote from a collection of about 50 quotes from a wide range of authors is featured on the greeting header. On days that are holidays, this is replaced with the name of the holiday instead. Also added in this update is the ability to switch between list and calendar views when viewing holidays. The default behaviour is to show the holidays as a list. A splash screen was also added to Doze Alarm & Calendar in this update. 

Work is still being done on getting alarms to actually function perfectly so for now, they don’t work.

Doze Alarm and Calendar gets major update

Doze has received a range of new fixes and improvements.

What’s new

  • Tweaked the layout of the country selection screen to use screen estate better.
  • Tweaked the layout of the alarms on the alarms tab.
  • Introduced a new Fetch Data screen after selecting the country of preference for updating the data.
  • Added a new tabbed layout to the app with three options, ‘Alarms’, ‘Holidays’ and ‘Thoughts’.
  • Reduced the graphic greeting header so more space is available for content.
  • Removed gradients from the Create Alarm Popup and enlarged days buttons for easy tapping.
  • Added 5 new alarm tones and the ability to preview them with a tap.
  • You can now set a custom name for alarms.
  • You can now create up to 5 alarms.


Coming soon

Several new improvements are being worked on such as the ability to receive notifications the day before an upcoming holiday and on the day of the alarm itself. We’ve added a thoughts tab where thoughts can be created. Thoughts are a way for you to never forget what’s on your mind. The ability to share thoughts with others is also planned. We are also working on new features for Holidays such as list view of all holidays in the current calendar year as well a settings page where the preferred country can be changed, notifications can be enabled or disabled among other things.

Currently, alarms do not work. Alarms can be created but will not work. This is a known issue that we’re actively working to resolve. When this feature is working, a preview will start rolling out to anyone willing to try it.

Enjoy a quick preview of the update below

Doze gets new icon and logo plus other improvements

Development is swinging along on Doze alarm and calendar. We’ve made several tweaks to the interface and introduced new features. We’ve overhauled the country select screen and added a soft gradient background that matches the overall theme of the app. The main app screen has its interface tweaked as well, and we’ve added a gradient background to alarm creation layout. If the present day is a holiday, the header greeting now puts that front and center. You’ll see the name of the holiday so you never miss a bit. We are working on notification support which will be added later.

Off course, things are still in the early phases of development and things are likely to change, but things are definitely going to get interesting. Finally, we’ve added a new icon for Doze and a round icon for Pixel and other devices that can use it.

round app iconRound app icon


default app iconNew app icon

Doze Alarm – development begins

We’ve made significant progress on our newest app. Doze Alarm and Calendar is a brand new app that we’re actively working on. It utilizes the Holiday API to create a holiday calendar and alarm function. We’re keeping some features of the app secret for now, but we’re happy to share some early draft of the app development. Currently, things are a bit rough but as development continues, you can be sure the UI and feature set will improve. 

What to expect?

We’ll be posting periodic updates for milestones in the app development progress as well as screenshots, videos and… as the app edges close to completion, we’ll link you guys with a preview to download and use. Here’s a  screenshot of Doze Alarm which is an early look at the work done so far.