Pushing forward

I won’t lie, so far, April has been a tough month. Lots of personal problems to iron out, disappointments, unplanned things and sleepless nights. Just another crazy chapter in the life of a developer… maybe. At the same time though, lots of positive stuff are happening. I’ve partnered with a non-profit organization to volunteer my time and expertise in the tech field to help make amazing things happen and also pushed out several new updates to two of my current apps “KAS Trivia” and “Rhema Bible (beta)”.

I also discovered a few new cool podcasts to add to my already growing list of daily listens. (I’ll probably share my podcast recommendations in a later post).

I’m not done though, over the coming months, I’m pushing forward with various projects. There are specific functionalities I want to implement in the applications I currently have out on Google Play and I am also looking at some new stuff as well regarding AI.

April has been such a bittersweet month for me but I have learnt so much. I’ve grown as a developer and as a person generally. There’s this song I keep going back to. It’s part of the Transistor Soundtrack (a beautiful hand-drawn game from Indie Developer Supergiant games, the people behind Bastion). The song is called We all become and I feel drawn to this song.

With April coming to an end, let’s see what May has in store. Either way, I’m excited to learn, grow and turn coffee into code… and stories.

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