Bonne Année!

Happy New Year text

Wow! What a year it’s been! It’s the end of a decade, the start of some amazing times for me and a time for reflecting. This past decade, I left my country for the first time ever travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Canada where I explored Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, earned my undergraduate degree, learned several new programming languages, worked on some amazing projects, built a few apps, met some amazing people and accomplished so many things.

I also experienced loss, hurt, disappointments and experienced a shift in some of my thought processes. Off all of these, losing my grandmother was the biggest and hardest for me to deal with. I’ve had to face lots of tough decisions and make some tough choices that affect my life personally but I’m making the most of them.

2019 was a crazy year! I think it was one of my most emotionally charged years for a long time . But I’m starting the new decade with a renewed focus on learning. I am going to challenge myself to learn new programming languages and tools, learn French, explore new technology and have some fun. This decade is about being the best all-rounded programmer albeit a socially awkward one (O_o)’

Here’s to the end of the year and to the start of something amazing.