And so it begins. Welcome to Strongly Typed

It’s finally begun. My foray into online blogging starts here.

When learning to code, we’re often taught code that outputs hello world to the console or screen. What better way to start this blog than with saying a big HELLO WORLD to the “world”?

My name is Kenice. I’m a developer. I live in code. I’m fluent in many languages… Programming languages that is. From the web languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP among others… Java, C#, Node.js… I’ve dabbled in them all. I do web development and a bit of graphic design when I can and before I forget, I must add that I’m a huge mobile junkie. This blog will be my space for sharing tech stories as I see them, news, my general thoughts on various subject matter, troubleshooting advice, tutorials, interesting articles, events, opportunities, new APIs and apps that I’m working on and hopefully, once things go well, a community where like minded people can connect.

Strongly Typed Strung-lee tie-pt

Strongly typed is a concept used to refer to a programming language that enforces strict restrictions on intermixing of values with differing data types. When such restrictions are violated and error (exception) occurs.