Doze beta published to Google Play Store

I am happy to announce that Doze Alarm & Calendar has been published to the Google Play Store as a public beta. About two weeks ago, I published the app to Google Play. Since the last article, I’ve made several improvements, bug fixes, added new features and more to Doze beta. The app is much more stable and features improvements such as weather information based on the user’s current location, “Nearby”, a new feature which allows users to discover places near their current location that may be of interest. This feature is powered by the Foursquare API and the ability to get walking and driving directions is planned sometime in the future. As the app nears full non beta release, the Doze feature that allows users to choose when they usually wake up everyday so the app will only wake them up on days that aren’t public holidays is being worked on.

Thanks to everyone whose helping test this app.

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