What is sweeter than Honey?

Today, I’m happy to release a new side project of mine called Honey for Co-op Bank. Honey is a new browser addon that makes the Grenada Co-operative Bank’s online banking website look a little more modern. I created this for myself because I grew fed up of visiting the site which looks a bit dated in my opinion. Honey uses a combination of CSS and JavaScript to update the page’s content and images moving the site from a boxed outdated layout to a full width, green themed layout.

I decided to release the early version to anyone who at least wants to try out the new look for themselves as it is (again, my opinion) a little bit better than the default implementation. This isn’t for everyone, but anyone can use it if needed.

How to get it

Currently, I am self hosting the addon which means that after installing it, you will need to enable it as most likely, your browser has disabled auto enabling extensions from unknown sources. Also, you have to trust that I will not include any malware in my software (I can proudly say that I do not). Download here


How to install?

To install Honey in your browser, simply right click the download link and choose ‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’ in Google Chrome. Then, open the menu > More tools > Extensions and drag and drop the crx file on that window. You’ll get a popup asking if you want to enable it.


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